The competition is based upon the parameters set out by the International Biology Olympiad. Content for the Canadian Biology Olympiad is built from the International Biology Olympiad's syllabus. The content is divided into two categories: theoretical and practical. Specific details can be found in this download: CBO Content

Competition Dates:

Portfolio requirements: Portfolio (.doc) or Portfolio (PDF)

For the first lab, a bit of advice from our plant expert: "the easiest place for students to get ancestral eudicot is aquarium store the derived eudicot can be found in grocery store plant section"

For the second lab, a bit of advice from our Biochemistry expert: If your school does not have a micro-centrifuge, you can just filter your solutions to recover your proteins. It will not give you as pure samples but the purity is not being graded. 

Portfolio Submission Deadline:  April 20,  2017.

University of Toronto National Biology Competition: Thursday, April 27, 2017.